Refund Police and Terms of Service

Cases where we cover the Reprinting cost or Refunding:

·           There is a manufacturing issue with your product.

·           The product in your order is broken or damaged during transit.

·           You receive the wrong product in your order.

·           The order is lost in transit, and the initial shipping address was correct.

·           The order is lost in transit, and the actual shipping time exceeds the general shipping time frame for orders.


If the goods delivered to you fall under one of the criteria noted above, please follow below steps to request return:

·           You must submit a request for a return within 14 business days after you receive your goods.

·           After 14 business days, no return will be accepted. Also, if goods are returned prior to submitting your request, those goods are forfeited.

·           Email us at

·           You must submit evidence of damaged goods by sending us a clear picture of the item. The item should be placed on a flat surface, with visible tags and errors in the picture. We will use this information to help with your order reprocessing, as well as to eliminate errors in the printing process in the future.

·           Returns can be exchanged for the original purchased goods or refunded for the original purchase price.

v  Please note that customers are responsible for return shipping labels. We will send you return instructions separately by email.

v  Please note that inquiries are typically addressed within 72 hours. You must submit a support request within 14 business days after you receive your order tracking status or your goods. After the 14 business days have elapsed you acknowledge that your rights to solve the issue are forfeited.



 When we do NOT cover the Reprinting cost or Refund:

·           If you don't like the product printed according to our manufacturer's standards.

·           If you select the wrong size when ordering the product.

·           The order is still within the specified maximum production and shipping times for the products.

·           If your order is lost due to an incorrect recipient address. Any request to change the address in case of reprinting will not be covered.

·           The tracking status for your order shows “Delivered” but you claimed that you have not received the package.